Our Services And Approach.

We are here to assist you in conducting modular feasibility studies, preliminary budgets and scope the project giving you the ability to see if modular would work for your project. From there we can work with you to manage your modular product design and handle the logistics of production through fabrication, construction, and engineering. We work closely beside the chosen manufacturing partners throughout the process to ensure consistency of quality, shipping, site management and setting of the building. Being actively involved throughout the process allows us to ensure little delays and a premium standard of quality and consistency.

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Modular Design.

Modular construction is a method of building which takes advantage of modern offsite construction techniques. The permanent or relocatable buildings are built in a factory setting and then transported to the site to be placed upon permanent foundations and connected with other modules to form one unified building. The modular building techniques allow for up to a 40% time-saving well allowing you to keep 100% of control over the design. It’s a tried and tested method which has been utilized for over a century with little to no difference in the look of a modular vs non-modular structure and yet it has an abundance of benefits.

Free Project Evaluations.

it's highly likely your project is already compatible with modular construction however if it's not, were here to assist. Over half of the projects we've evaluated can benefit from volumetric modular construction furthermore were happy to do a free project evaluation today.

Modular Feasibility Studies.

If you've considered modular but aren’t sure whether it will work for your project then were here to assist. Our modular feasibility study can help to determine if your project is compatible and will get everything you need including cost estimates, the scope of work and a schedule so that you can decide if this is right for your project.

Factory Design And Development.

We work closely and have effective relationships with many modular manufacturing plants allowing us to provide a seamless production experience where you can keep control over your project. From design to onsite delivery we can help, contact us to find out how our unmatched production and delivery services can help you to ensure and on schedule project with superior building quality.

Production And Delivery Management.

Modular differs from traditional construction by being able to build on-site and off-site simultaneously. Our connections with the factory development and design allow us to manage both the off-site production of the modules and the onsite land and foundation development.

Land Development.

Not only are we here to help with the off-site development of your modules but also the onsite land development. The on-site work consists of grading, foundation setting, plumbing/electrical helping to bring the whole project together. Reach out today to see how we can assist.

We are a consulting firm specializing in modular construction, including product design, project management, and manufacturing facility design and operations.

With ever-advancing technologies in the industry, we have responded by developing a fully proficient BIM team with experience ranging from concept requirements and supporting documentation through to construction. By being proficient in producing document management, protocol production and clash detection required at all stages, allows us to deliver a fully BIM Level 2 complaint scheme. Including Employers Information Requirements, BIM Execution Plans, Pre-Qualification Questionnaires, BIM Capability Assessment Forms, BIM Strategy Plans, BIM Authoring Software Protocol and Document Management & Collaboration Protocol.